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Luma Comfort Clear Ice Maker Review

A full size gourmet icemaker can cost well over $1,000. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend that much for an icemaker that makes more ice than you need.

Luma Comfort is a portable icemaker that makes restaurant-quality clear/gourmet ice at a fifth of the cost of an undercounter icemaker.

It doesn’t require any installation or plumbing. Just add water to the reservoir and plug it in. You’ll have a fresh batch of clear ice in about 15 minutes.

The compact size and easy portability makes the Luma Comfort a great choice for RVs, boats and small homes.

Read on for our full review. If you prefer a full size icemaker, read our in-depth gourmet icemakers buying guide for the best recommendations. 

About the Luma Comfort Clear Ice Maker


  • Production capacity: 28lbs/day
  • Storage capacity: 4.6lbs
  • Dimensions: 11.3 x 14.8 x 14.1 inches
  • Weight: 25.5lbs
  • Type of ice: Cubed clear ice
luma comfort ice maker


It’s unusual to come across a portable icemaker that produces clear ice. Most icemakers of this size make cloudy bullet-shaped ice.

The Luma Comfort works a bit differently from other portable icemakers to produce clear and dense ice cubes.

Normal icemakers work by freezing all the water at once, which trapsair bubbles inside the ice.

Luma Comfort has a unique ice-making mechanism. Instead of freezing all the water simultaneously, it creates a constant waterfall over the cooling element that has cube-shaped slots.

The ice forms layer by layer without any air trapped inside. It is a technique inspired by the formation of clear icicles in nature.

The ice produced is not only clear, it is also denser than normal cloudy ice because there are no trapped air pockets inside.

Thus, it melts slower than your normal freezer ice cubes, making the ice perfect for drinks that you don’t want diluted. Best for long drinks and alcohol like vodka and whiskey.

luma comfort ice maker

The Luma Comfort is fairly big for a portable ice maker but it also produces more ice and has a bigger storage capacity.

It may not be very convenient for picnics but it’s perfect for RVs, your kitchen countertop and anywhere you need high quality gourmet ice.

If you want clear ice but are not ready to spend a lot of money on an undercounter clear icemaker, the Luma Comfort is a great choice.

Ice Making Ability

luma comfort ice maker

One of the most impressive things about this ice maker is how quickly it cranks out fresh ice cubes.

A full size clear icemaker takes forever to make a couple pounds of ice. Luma Comfort makes a fresh batch within 15 minutes.

This is handy if you entertain a lot. Nothing’s worse than running out of ice in the middle of a party and leaving guests to sip lukewarm drinks.

With the Luma Comfort, you can keep serving fresh ice cubes with no delays.

Here’s a life hack that will make your party even better for your guests and easier on you.

Instead of making all the ice on the big day, make several batches beforehand and store them in your freezer.

The Luma Comfort’s bin can store up to 4.6lbs of ice, much more than the paltry 1.5lbs of most portable icemakers.

So just a few binfuls ahead of time are enough for the first couple rounds of drinks. If more is needed, add more water and you’ll have fresh ice in no time.

Ice Quality

luma comfort ice maker

To be honest, the ice you get from a bar or a full size gourmet icemaker is probably a smidge better than the one Luma Comfort produces.

But the difference is barely noticeable.

It’s crystal clear and melts very slowly. Just make sure you’ve adjusted the settings to get thick icethat won’t melt too quickly in your whiskey.

There are no chemical or plastic smells and tastes. If you notice any, your icemaker is due for a cleaning.

Check the manual for cleaning instructions.

Also make sure that you are using clean filtered water to begin with. Water with hardness minerals or impurities won’t produce fine gourmet ice.

Ease of Use

luma comfort ice maker

​​​I’m a big fan of portable icemakers even though they make way less ice than an undercounter or standalone machine.

They require no plumbing or complicated installation process, which is great news for someone like me with little to no DIY skills.

When you receive your Luma Comfort icemaker, let it rest overnight before you use it. This allows the coolant to settle.

For the first batch, mix a bit of vinegar with water. This cleans the insides, ensuring you get pure-tasting ice.

There’s only one button on the icemaker for on and off. It’s also the button you use to make your ice thinner or thicker (by long pressing it).

 There is also an indicator to tell you when there is no water and another showing when the ice bin is full.

What Others Say

The Luma Comfort icemaker doesn’t exactly have stellar ratings on Amazon. But most of the complaints are because of users not knowing how to operate it properly.

A majority of customers rate the icemaker highly, saying it makes good quality ice and is easy to use.

Buying Advice

I highly recommend you get the Luma Comfort icemaker on Amazon. They have the best prices and a large collection of helpful customer reviews.

luma comfort ice maker


The Luma Comfort clear icemaker is a great choice for those who don’t need a lot of ice or anyone who is looking for an affordable gourmet icemaker.

You can fit it right on your countertop whether it’s in your kitchen or RV.

Even though it is cheaper and smaller than conventional clear icemakers, the ice is just as good.

 I have to say, it also looks beautiful. The stainless steel finish is an instant upgrade for your kitchen.

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Vicky Norris is a legal professional who enjoys researching, reviewing and writing about the latest developments in home appliances. A fan of saving money, Vicky started when it became clear that a whole new class of less-expensive portable ice makers began replacing what used to be a really expensive built-in kitchen appliance.

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