EdgeStar IB120SS Built-in Ice Maker Review

EdgeStar IB120SS Built-in Ice Maker Review

If you are looking for a compact built-in ice maker, the EdgeStar IB120SS is one of the best. It’s our top pick for the best undercounter ice maker for home bars

The stainless steel door will look great in a home bar, and you can even reverse its swing depending on the room’s layout.

The front venting allows you to neatly install it under the counter with no clearance space required for the rear and sides. Thanks to this, you can install it in a small niche in your kitchen.

But the best feature about this ice maker is the integrated freezer. It’s one of the few ice machines that can store your ice for as long as you want, without melting.

That also means you don’t need to install a drain line or pump.

About the EdgeStar IB120SS Built-in Ice Maker


  • Production capacity: 12lbs/day
  • Storage capacity: 6lbs
  • Dimensions: 15" wide x 18.5" deep x 25.25" height
  • Weight: 54lbs
  • Type of ice: crescent-shaped ice cubes
EdgeStar IB120SS Built-in Ice Maker Review


One of the downsides of most ice makers is that they can’t store the ice for long.

 This is because the storage bin is only insulated not refrigerated. You have to take the ice out before it starts melting.

With the EdgeStar built-in ice maker, you can leave the ice in the bin for as long as you want (not too long though, the ice will go stale).

The unit doubles as a freezer, maintaining the ice in solid form until you need it. 

One of the most significant advantages of this is less water wastage. In most ice makers, melting ice is discarded merely through the drain hose.

Another major advantage is that you don’t need to install a drain line. This makes installation easier and means you don’t have to locate the ice maker near a drain.

The only thing you’ll need is a water line to supply water to the machine. It comes with its own 25’ long 1/4” full waterline.

This ice maker works and looks best when installed under the counter.

The stylish stainless steel door and long handle look beautiful when the ice machine sits flush with the cabinetry.

It’s a beautiful fresh addition to any kitchen or home bar.

Ice Making Ability

Despite being an undercounter ice machine, the EdgeStarIB120SS makes less ice than most portable ice makers.

Whereas portable ice makers average around 26lbs of ice per day, this one maxes out at just 12lbs. The refrigerated bin can store up to 6lbs of ice.

That means that the machine can only make two bins per day.

EdgeStar IB120SS Built-in Ice Maker Review

But that’s enough for most families and even small home functions.If you are installing it in your home bar just for your own use, you probably won’t also use half that amount of ice in a day.

So while it doesn’t make much ice compared to other ice makers, it’s plenty enough for most home bars.

 And anyway it makes up for it by offering a freezer function which is enough to convince me to buy it.

Note: Ice making ability depends significantly on the environmental temperature.

If you use the ice maker outside or in a hot place, it might only manage one bin-full per day. Install it in a cool place to maximize ice production.

Ice Quality

This EdgeStar ice maker produces regular crescent-shaped ice. It’s mostly clear with a cloudy center.

It’s not crystal-clear gourmet ice nor is it Sonic-style chewable ice.

That said, the ice this unit makes is great for most types of drinks.

Make sure you use clean and potable water. I highly recommend installing a water filter in the water line to filter out minerals and particles.

Also, just because there is a freezer doesn’t mean you should leave the ice inside for months. After some time it will become stale. Regularly empty the bin to keep the ice fresh.

You also need to do regular cleaning and defrosting to keep the ice maker in good condition. 

Ease of Use

The manufacturer recommends getting a plumber to install the ice machine for you.

 But I don’t see why you can’t do it yourself as long as you have some necessary home repair experience.

Only a water line needs to be fitted. You won’t need to set up any drainage since there is no melt water to drain.

Once the unit has been installed, the ice maker is easy to use. There’s just one on/off button.

Turn it on, and the group starts making ice. Once the bin fills up, which takes about 11 hours, a sensor will automatically stop production until you empty it.

The compressor works very quietly. Unless you are right up next to the unit, you won’t hear it at all.

Maintenance involves regularly cleaning and defrosting the machine. Check the manual for instructions.

EdgeStar IB120SS Built-in Ice Maker Review

What Others Say

The freezer feature is apparently a big hit with customers. They love that they can leave the ice in the bin without coming back to a soggy mess or wasting water by draining away the melted ice.

Users say it’s relatively easy to install, easy to use and the amount of ice is perfect for their needs. 

One tip suggested by a customer is storing the ice in your freezer to free up space for the machine to make more ice.

This way, you’ll always have plenty of ice around especially in case you have guests.

The main complaint is about maintenance. Having a freezer comes with a downside; you have to defrost it regularly.

 It’s easy to do it, but it takes your machine out of commission for around 6 hours.

 Make sure you store several batches of ice in your refrigerator to use when you are defrosting the ice maker. 

Buying Advice

Don’t let the lower-than-usual production capacity stop you from purchasing this ice maker.

Unless you host a lot of guests or you have a huge family, 12 lbs a day is more than enough for a home bar, man cave or your kitchen

EdgeStar IB120SS Built-in Ice Maker Review


The EdgeStar IB120SS is easy to install is a breeze to use and is built to last. Also, you won’t find any other ice maker with a freezer for this price.

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