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How Sonic-Style Ice Nuggets Are Made

The Scotsman commercial ice maker was the start of people’s obsession with Sonic Drive-ins.Customers streamed into Sonic drive-ins for that soft and crunchy ice that Sonic is so famous for.America's

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Avalon Bay Sonic ice maker

Ice Maker Not Working? Try These Easy Fixes Before Calling a Pro

It’s easy to take your ice maker for granted until it suddenly stops working or produces smelly or misshaped ice cubes. The convenience of having unlimited fresh ice cubes on demand becomes more apparent

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how to make ice cubes

How to Make Ice Cubes Without Using a Tray

While ice cube trays are the most common implements for making ice at home, they are not the only option. You may find that your freezer is too small to accommodate an ice tray and even if you have a large

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Types of ice cube styles

The Definitive Guide to Drink Ice Styles And How To Make Them

No so long ago, the only place to get good really good drink ice was at a restaurant, drive-through or store. Making your own ice at home involved the tedious process of filling dainty ice trays and

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